A HUDDERSFIELD woman is embroiled in a battle with shopping giant Asda after a van crashed into her house.

The home delivery van had been turning in the road outside when it reversed into the side of her cottage on Royles Head Lane, Longwood.

Mrs Jennifer Lomas, who was alone in the house, was terrified by a loud noise while talking on the phone.

"I thought the gas boiler had exploded or something. It really was very loud and frightening," said Mrs Lomas, 56.

"Luckily, a witness who had been driving saw the incident and stopped.

"The van driver stopped for a moment, but didn't get out and he drove away."

The van had dislodged a piece of stonework in the wall. This went through to damage the plaster on the inside of the bathroom.

Mrs Lomas contacted Asda immediately, first through the local store. But the case was quickly passed to head office in Leeds.

The incident happened on January 11, but the damage has still not been put right.

"I still have cracks in my bathroom wall," said Mrs Lomas, an auxiliary nurse.

"I am very frustrated and disappointed at the length of time it has taken to resolve this, but it did go to the top level in the company.

"I got a call from the personal assistant to the chief executive and a letter of apology on January 20."

Although the damage still remains she now has confirmation that work can start and will be covered by Asda's insurers.

Mrs Lomas said: "It's a great relief, but has been a terrible ordeal. Amazingly, the damage looks a lot worse than the bill would suggest.

"It is going to cost just over £500 to put right.

"It's a shame it couldn't have been sorted out months ago.

"I was never after compensation or free shopping, just the damage repaired and a bit of comforting and sympathy."

An Asda spokesperson said: "We are very sorry about what happened and would like to apologise to Mrs Lomas for any upset this has caused.

"We understand her frustration at the time it's taken to put things right.

"But we have done our best to keep Mrs Lomas up to date every step of the way as her claim has progressed.

"We understand the repairs will shortly be under way and we'll obviously be picking up the bill.

"Once again, we must apologise to Mrs Lomas."