MYSTERY surrounds the death of a 21-year-old Greetland student.

James Emmott's body was found in his bed in Ormskirk, Lancashire, by a housemate at 2pm on Monday. He was a student at Lancaster University.

He had returned early from his girlfriend's 21st birthday celebrations the night before and spoke to his housemates before going upstairs to bed.

A post-mortem in Ormskirk has proved inconclusive, but the death is not thought to be suspicious.

Parents Donald, 45 and Angela, 41, of Ravenstone Drive, Greetland, now face an agonising wait while more tests are carried out to discover how James died.

His mother said: "It's horrendous just not knowing . I realise that when we find out that it's not going to bring him back, but at least we'll know why."

The university, where James was studying theatre studies and design, is set to award him an honorary degree.

He had booked to go to a Camp America in the summer and was hoping to find work as a set designer after completing his studies.

His father said James was a popular student who knew everyone.

He added: "He was just immense, one of those people who knows everybody. Once you met him you would never forget him.

"He'd just had a really good week, as well. He had got his grant and had been out buying clothes and enjoying meals.

"He had led a full life. James probably crammed more into his 21 years than some people do in 60."