A McDonald’s worker who swapped Quarter Pounders for salads says she lost more than TWO stones in just TWO weeks.

Clare Hurst, who works in McDonald’s in Huddersfield, says she lost 2.7st (38lbs) over 14 days and it spurred her on to win a beauty pageant.

It gave her the confidence to compete in the pageant and she won Miss Wigan Beauty 2017.

The 31-year-old said: “As soon as I walked down the stage, I felt amazing.

“I was competing up against four in my category and it felt wonderful to win my very first ever title.

“I truly put my heart and soul into it and was very determined.”

As a child, Clare says she was bullied in school and as a teen she turned to comfort eating, which caused the weight to pile on.

Even her own friends at school had told her she wasn’t pretty enough to compete in beauty pagents.

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In 2015, Clare started going to her local Weight Watchers classes with her mum, swimming every day and going to Zumba classes twice a week.

“I used to just eat McDonald’s on my lunch break and it was hard because I work in McDonald’s and I still do but I stopped eating fast food and started eating healthy food like salads and drinking water instead,” she said.

She claims her dress size dropped from a size 16 to a 12 in just two weeks.

Clare, who lives in Heckmondwike, felt so much better about herself that she Googled nearby beauty pageants and entered Miss Wigan Beauty/Miss North West Beauty.

“When the bullies see me now they can’t believe it’s me - I’m a different person,” Clare said.

“I have so much confidence in myself, I’m glowing and I’ve always got a smile on my face.

“I have shown them that it’s not about being pretty at all, it’s about who you are inside.

“Now I’m hoping to help others like me follow their dreams. Never give up hope. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.”

The beauty pageant took place in May.

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