SWIMMING is the most popular sport amongst children in Huddersfield, a survey found.

Some 42% of parents who undertook the Asda-run survey said that they regularly take their children swimming.

This was compared to 35% who take their children to football, 10% who go to martial arts and 5% who go either horse-riding or to cricket.

The Asda Sporting Chance scheme offers free activities to families during school holidays – with 89,000 having already taken part.

This summer, Huddersfield-based free activities include indoor play at Waring Green Community Centre and skateboarding at Endemic Skate Store, Station Street.

Fiona Campbell-Reilly from Asda said they have acted on the statistics: “Every customer in Huddersfield should be able to choose from at least five activities within a 10-mile radius of the store they pick the vouchers up from.’’