HUDDERSFIELD Pendragon Round Table has welcomed two new members.

They are Dale Metcalfe, of Flockton, and Simon Preston, from Kirkburton.

The club was formed 42 years ago and has 16 members. More would be welcome.

Chairman Andrew Spencer said: "Round Table is a fantastic social club, with something for everyone.

"New members are very welcome. They bring plenty of new ideas and a fresh challenge to the way we do things.

"This ensures that being a member of Round Table is always varied and interesting."

Dale, 29, said, "I am eagerly looking forward to making my contribution to the many different ways in which the group helps the less fortunate members of the local community."

Simon, 37, said: "My father-in-law was a Tabler for many years, so it was a little gentle encouragement from my wife which first got me interested.

I have learned what a great job the group does on the charitable front and, like anyone, helping others who are less fortunate in life gives me a great sense of satisfaction."

Round Table is a social club for men aged between 18 and 45. Members organise fundraising projects for the local community but also enjoy a very active social life, with varied activities.

There are also Ladies Circle events for wives, girlfriends and partners. Visit www.pendragon