A TEACHER at a Holmfirth school has been reprimanded for revealing confidential information.

Jonathan Spedding wrote to parents on school headed notepaper divulging secret details about another parent and publicly criticising the management of the school.

But he has been spared a classroom ban by his professional body and has been reprimanded by the General Teaching Council.

The GTC’s Professional Conduct Committee found Mr Spedding guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” while teaching at Wooldale Junior School between November 2008 and June 2010.

It said that, in 2009, he sent the letter to parents, then, in a letter in February 2010, he threatened to use his media contacts, including those at The Daily Telegraph, to “publicise locally and nationally the unbelievable events at Wooldale”, instead of following the appropriate methods for raising a grievance.

The committee’s decision states: “His behaviour fell short of the standard expected of a registered teacher and involves a breach of the standards of propriety expected of the profession.

“He did not raise any concerns about school life or running of the school in a responsible and appropriate way.

“Additionally, he did not communicate and establish productive working relationships with other professional colleagues.”

However, it said that there was evidence that he is a good teacher and that he won a teaching award in 2007.

Imposing a reprimand, committee chairman Kathy Thomson said: “The committee considers that this is an appropriate and proportionate sanction; teachers have a responsibility to maintain the standards of propriety expected of the profession.

“We have concluded that a reprimand, in the particular circumstances of this case, adequately protects the reputation of the teaching profession and the public interest during the period that it is in force.

“We are satisfied that Mr Spedding now genuinely regrets his behaviour and has genuine insight into his failings.

“His behaviour was an isolated, albeit serious, event in an otherwise unblemished career.”

The reprimand will remain on the Teaching Register for two years, and may be taken into account in any future regulatory proceedings against him.

Mr Spedding, who studied at Shelley College, has a right of appeal to the High Court within 28 days.