A GANG wearing distinctive Nike clothes robbed a boy on a bus.

The 13-year-old and a friend aged 12 were on the 312 bus from Huddersfield bus station to Honley when the thieves struck just before 4pm on Saturday.

The victims were upstairs at the front of the bus when the three thieves - part of a larger gang - approached them.

One demanded money, grabbed the victim by the throat and patted his pockets. Another of the robbers then threatened him with a vodka bottle and the boy handed over £2.

The offenders then went downstairs.

All are African-Caribbeans.

One is aged 14 or 15, is 6ft 2in tall and skinny. He wore a white Nike baseball cap.

The one with the bottle is about 16, tall and muscular.

He wore a zip-up black Nike top, a white Nike baseball cap, a black bandana, a brown Puma jacket, a white T-shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes.

The third is aged about 15 and smaller than the other two.

He wore a black Nike baseball cap, a white bandana and a black hooded top with the Nike tick logo on it.

He also wore very worn light blue jeans.

Pc Dave McSweeney, of Huddersfield police, said: "The three involved in this robbery were all distinctively dressed and we are sure someone knows who they are.

"They were part of a larger group."

Anyone who saw the thieves or knows who they are should phone Det Con Simon Hartley on 01484 436582.