A PENSIONER who waged a campaign of harassment against her neighbours has been jailed for breaching her Asbo.

Jean Clough, 77, was handed a 16-week prison sentence by Huddersfield magistrates yesterday for repeated breaches of her Asbo between December 7, 2009 and February 26 this year.

The court heard trouble had stemmed from disputes over a TV aerial on a shared chimney and a wall between the two properties.

Sentencing bench chairman Gillian Dawson said that jail was ‘inevitable’ because of Clough’s repeated Asbo breaches.

Clough, of Heys Road, Thongsbridge, had cut the aerial wires, pushed her neighbour’s bins into the road, hit her neighbour, banged pans on an adjoining wall, thrown excrement in an adjoining garden, shouted abuse in the small hours and sprayed air freshener at a neighbour’s friend.

In 2001 she was ordered to sign a good behaviour contract with Kirklees Council.

Across 2007 and 2008 Clough was convicted of minor assaults and criminal damage.

By April 17, 2008, the situation had deteriorated further and Clough was given an antisocial behaviour order for five years.

But Clough continued to cause trouble for her neighbours and was given a suspended jail sentence last June.

Her antisocial behaviour continued between December and February and she was remanded in custody in March.

Representing Clough, Marnat Ali said his client had been provoked by one young neighbour and had ‘‘succumbed to the temptation of rising to the bait.’’

Mr Ali said Clough realised the consequences of rising to the bait was jail.

He added Clough had no convictions prior to the dispute with her neighbours.

Sentencing Clough, bench chairman Gillian Dawson said: “Your behaviour was targeted against the people the order was designed to protect. We feel custody inevitable in these circumstance.

“May we remind you when you are released you will still be subject to an antisocial behaviour order and you must abide by those conditions.”

Former mill worker Clough – who has lived in the same house all her life – admitted breaching her Asbo and the terms of her suspended sentence.

She was given an eight-week prison sentence for each offence to run consecutively, less 52 days spent on remand.