THEY have all learned to change a tyre without getting grease on their shalwar kameez.

And now three women from Huddersfield are ready and raring to go on a road trip to Southern Spain – in a £400 banger.

Fozia Latif and Sofia Buncy from Marsh are joining midwife Fozia Arshad from Thornton Lodge.

They set off on the 1,700 mile trip yesterday.

The friends – who are all in their thirties – aim to raise as much cash as possible for the Read Foundation – a charity which supports Pakistani children into basic education.

The women, who all have Pakistani heritage, have named their Toyota Avensis the Punjaban Drift – inspired by the film The Fast And The Furious: Toyko Drift.

And they’ve certainly turned a few heads test-driving it around Huddersfield.

Fozia Latif, who works with Sofia as a youth worker in Thornton Lodge, said: “It’s so colourful and eye-catching.

“In Pakistan they have these trucks and they paint them all up so that they’re not dull and boring so we wanted it to be like that.

“We didn’t want to look like Wacky Races – we wanted something original.

“We’ve been attracting so much attention driving around Huddersfield.”

Fozia Latif said the trio will start off in Huddersfield then drive on to London then Paris, Barcelona and Madrid before finishing in Grenada in southern Spain.

The mum-of-one, whose daughter Mariha Nadeem, 15, goes to Salendine Nook High School, said: “We hope we don’t fall out – I’m sure we won’t because we’re all very good friends.

“We’ve never done anything like this before.

“We’re so excited about it and the community has been so generous to us and supportive.”

Sofia told the Examiner the three had been to a local garage to learn how to change a tyre and find out how to do other basic car maintenance.

She said: “Everyone keeps asking us – you’re three girls on your own – do you think you’ll be okay?

“I’m sure we’ll be fine. We’re all sharing the driving and we’re so excited. It’s not a conventional charity challenge – it’s so wild.

“The car is okay. The mechanic told us just to ignore the noise it was making and it would be okay and you have to brake about 10 minutes before you want to stop.

“We’ve asked so many taxi drivers what they think and they’ve all said we should be okay in a Toyota.”

The trio will join other banger rally drive teams in London for the beginning of the Fusion Rally.

But they are going down to the capital to see if they can get some more generous donations by driving around in the eye-catching car.

Before they set off from Huddersfield the rally drivers were waved off from their offices at the Internet Learning Café at Thornton Lodge Road.

They all dressed in traditional Asian dress for the send-off.

The trio would like to thank local businesses Shaks Specialist Cars, Delicious Desserts, Kashmir Carpets and stores and Fast Trak compensation for generously donating to the cause.

Sofia said: “The cause we are supporting is such a great programme and it’s important to give girls in Pakistan a good education too.

“We believe if you educate girls then they can help to educate the whole family.

“We’re all educated, professional women and we’d like to give other girls that chance too.”

Donate to the cause online at