THREE deacons will be ordained today to serve in local parishes.

The Diocese of Wakefield will ordain a group of clergy in a special service at Wakefield Cathedral.

Among those ordained will be Sue Fisher who will go on to serve as a Distinctive Deacon in the parish of St Mary the Blessed Virgin, Gomersal, and also for one day as the chaplain at Kirkwood Hospice.

Married to Michael, and with two sons, Sue trained for ordination with the Yorkshire Ministry Course.

Tom Hiney will serve as Curate in the Minster Church of All Saints, Dewsbury.

A former journalist, Tom lives with his 12-year-old son and is the author of two books.

He lived in South Africa for nine years and became a believer while doing an article about Township Gospel.

He said: “In a culture gone mad with marketing, PR and spin doctoring I have moved to Yorkshire in hope of finding straight talking and stamina.”

John Whitney will serve as Curate in the parish of St John the Baptist, Kirkheaton.

He trained for ordination at Cranmer Hall in Durham and is a computer science graduate.

He became a Christian when his wife Jane took him to church 11 years ago.

He said: “Since I received the gift of God’s mercy and grace I’ve gradually realised how much God has been preparing me to serve his people.”