IT HAS captivated thousands over the past 100 years.

And now Huddersfield's traditional Easter Fair is on the way back.

Fairground rides from far and wide will be brought together on a site off St Andrew's Road next week.

The site is only a few hundred yards away from The Lump - the once-vacant plot off Southgate which housed the fair for many years.

Early records about the fair are vague but The Showman's Guild, which organises the huge attraction, believes travelling people first brought their rides and stalls to Huddersfield more than a century ago.

Then it was very simple and basic stalls, which delighted the Victorian crowds.

Now the emphasis is on family fun and high-speed thrills.

Fairground workers will arrive on the site on Monday to begin setting up the event, which opens at lunchtime on April 8 and will run through to Easter Tuesday afternoon.

Marshall Waddington, who is in charge of the Huddersfield fair, said: "People love coming to Huddersfield year after year.

"Many of us travel the country, others prefer to stay in Yorkshire or Lancashire, but Huddersfield's Easter Fair is a tradition.

"It was first held more than 100 years ago and had many sites over the years.

"It was held at The Lump for many years but has also been in the Market Place.

"Canker Lane, off Leeds Road, was used for a long time and there was also a fair on the site of the new McAlpine Stadium before we moved to St Andrew's Road.

"The land here is up for sale, but we have got it for at least this year and it is perfect for us. It is enclosed and it makes for a safe, family environment."

Traditional rides on the site this time include Dodgems, The Waltzer and The Ghost Train.

New rides include Move It, a fast aerial ride, and The Miami Ride from the United States.