IT'S BEEN quite a week for Kirkburton hairstylist Richard Hirst.

It began when he travelled to London to style Huddersfield actress Zoe Lucker's hair for the Bafta awards on Sunday night.

Then on Monday the latest stylist to the stars was able to view his handi- work as the ceremony was screened by ITV.

And later in the week OK magazine produced a picture spread, featuring Zoe and THAT hairstyle once again.

"It's been absolutely brilliant," said Richard - still plainly star-struck by the experience.

He then offered to re-create the style for the Examiner.

His creation for 30-year-old Zoe, who has become a household name through the character of Tanya Turner in Footballers' Wives, is a chic, contemporary style, using a hairpiece and lots of hairpins.

"It's a style that almost anyone can have, even someone with quite short hair," said Richard. "It takes about 45 minutes to complete and it will stay in place for hours.

" Zoe left for the Baftas at 4.30pm and got home at 6am the following morning and it was still OK," said Richard, whose Richard Charles salon is in North Road.

To prove his point he offered to show us how the Zoe look is achieved.

We asked advertising manager Amanda Traynor if she'd like the red carpet treatment.

Amanda, 27, from Dalton, is getting married in July and was interested in trying a glamorous new hairstyle.

It's fair to say that we were impressed with the finished results.

And Amanda was delighted. "It looks great. My boyfriend will be pleased, because he fancies Zoe!" she said.