TOP-EARNING officials at Kirklees Council are facing a clear-out if Tories win power.

Party leaders made their pledge after revealing that 50 executives get more than £50,000 a year each.

It was money that could be diverted to frontline services, said Conservative group leader Clr Robert Light.

He said: "A total restructuring of the senior level of bureaucracy, coupled with a full review of middle and lower managers, will enable us to direct more resources into delivering services at a local level."

His comments came as the Tories launched their manifesto for the council elections on June 10. Clr Light told an audience at Huddersfield Town Hall that his party's policies were geared towards ending mismanagement and waste.

He added: "In four years the Liberal Democrats have increased the council tax burden by 25%, but they have achieved little other than implementing all the Labour Government's policies.

"It is time for the council to stand up to the Labour Government and fight for what is best for Kirklees residents.

Tory deputy leader Ken Sims attacked the British National Party, which is expected to field 15 candidates in Kirklees.

He said: "People are worried about some of the issues they raise, but these should not be sorted out by the ways and means of the BNP.

"They incite racism and turn neighbour against neighbour.

"We fought the Second World War to get rid of Fascism. Remember that."

The Tories hold 16 of the 72 council seats.

Boundary changes will reduce the number of seats to 69 in the June elections.