A MAN has been convicted of manslaughter - 18 months after a Huddersfield pensioner died in a firework incident.

Antonn Corion-Auguiste, 20, was found guilty by a jury at Leeds Crown Court of the manslaughter of 84-year-old Mrs Marie Wood, of Newsome.

She died in hospital, hours after being knocked down as youths fled from a firework in Huddersfield bus station.

One of the detectives involved in the case said it highlighted the terrible consequences of misusing fireworks.

Det Sgt Ian Gettka, of Huddersfield CID, said: "This case has tragically highlighted what can go wrong when fireworks are misused.

"A firework was let off in a totally unsuitable place, causing alarm and distress to those nearby. It triggered off events which ultimately led to the death of an elderly lady.

"The warnings on the side of fireworks are quite clear; they should be used safely and sensibly.

"My thoughts are with Mrs Wood's family."

Auguiste, of Springwood Avenue, Springood, was remanded on bail by Mr Justice Henriques for sentencing on May 21.

The court was told he had let off a firework in the busy bus station in November, 2002.

People panicked and ran from the scene.

Mrs Wood was knocked down by one of those fleeing from the firework as she walked on to the main concourse.

Mrs Wood, of Close Hill Lane, Newsome, suffered severe head injuries. She was treated by paramedics last November 7, but died in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary the next day.

Auguiste had denied the killing.

Mrs Wood was described as a "lovely, quiet lady" by people who knew her.

She was an occasional attender at Newsome Parish Church.