TRAVELLERS illegally camped on a business park have left after being served with an eviction notice.

Irish travellers camped at Pennine Business Park, Bradley, left at around 4.30pm yesterday having been served with an eviction notice ordering them to leave by Wednesday.

The site, which is owned by Motor World, of Bury, Lancashire, was yesterday left covered in litter and household waste.

A security guard was posted on site last night amid concerns the travellers may return.

The site, formerly the headquarters of Motor World, has twice been occupied by travellers in the last two weeks.

They had pitched up on the site two weeks ago but left a few days later only to return last week.

Police visited the site yesterday to inform the travellers of their rights.

Leading the operation, Ashbrow Ward Neighbourhood Inspector Mohammed Rauf said police would be on hand in case of any disorder.

But the travellers are thought to have left peacefully.

The Examiner yesterday counted seven caravans as well as trucks and vans on the site.

Litter was left strewn over the grass verges surrounding the building and household waste was piled up against the wall.

Motor World were contacted yesterday but again declined to comment.