THREE men who robbed a boy in woods at Deighton were cowards.

That’s the only to describe the masked thugs who targeted the youngster in broad daylight.

Robbers commit cowardly crimes on the outnumbered and vulnerable in our communities.

The suggestion that in this instance, grown men robbed a 14-year old boy for his mobile phone only highlights their cowardice.

I would therefore appeal for anyone who can help us to catch these, or anyone suspected of committing robberies, to contact us.

They struck at 6pm last Sunday evening as the boy cycled to a friend’s house through a snicketconnecting Wiggan Lane and Deighton Road.

As he passed through the woods, his path was blocked by the men, who all had their faces masked.

They asked the boy if he had a mobile phone. When he told them that he didn’t, the boy was dragged off his bike by his arm and searched.

The suspects found the boy’s phone, took it and ran off.

The suspects were one white and two mixed race men in the late teens or early 20s.

The white man was about 6ft 3ins tall, muscular with black hair. He was wearing a grey hooded top with yellow stitching on the hood, black tracksuit bottoms and white Nike Air Max trainers. His face was covered by a green bandana.

The second man was mixed race, around 5ft 9ins tall and skinny. He wore a white short sleeved T-shirt with yellow zigzag patterns down the side, blue or black jeans and black pumps with Velcro straps. He also had his lower face covered, but with a black bandana.

The third was also a mixed race male and about 5ft 8ins tall. He was of medium build and wearing a plain black hooded top with the hood up and blue jeans. He had tan Timberland-style boots and a black bandana covering his face.

POLICE want help in tracing a thief who stole this distinctive scooter.

The Beeline Veloci scooter was stolen on June 27, shortly after 9am from outside Huddersfield University.

The owner had parked the scooter on Queensgate and used a steering lock to secure the machine.

It is painted in the Williams F1 colours of blue, white and yellow and was spotted near to the Top Spot Snooker Club on Sand Street at around 9.50am that morning.

Contact police on 0845 6060606.