A HUDDERSFIELD University course is proving to be a breeding ground for top athletes.

The health and sports studies course is home to a number of sportsmen and women who compete on the national stage - and one is even a world champion.

Christian Iddon, 18, is world champion in Supermoto, or bike racing over rough ground.

Christian won four of the six rounds to claim the title, and he is also a double British champion.

Christian, who started off on superbikes, said: "Supermoto was just a natural progression.

"It was great to be British champion, but even better to be world champion."

Two tae kwon do black belt holders are also on the same course.

Ben Green, 18, won a silver and bronze medal in the English Tae Kwon Mudo Championships in Sheffield.

He won his silver medal in the Team Traditional Poomse, along with his sister Katie, and a bronze medal in the Technical Breaking.

He said: "Tae kwon do has helped me to get discipline and keep fit. It has also helped me make friends and have a lot of fun."

Ben is not the only black belt on the course. Helen Buckley, 18, is also a black belt in Sports Style Tae Kwon Do.

She said: "There aren't enough women who do it.

"It is important today that women should be able to look after themselves and tae kwon do is great for self-defence."

Sportswomen feature heavily on the course. Zoe Robinson is another who has represented her country.

Zoe, 18, plays for the England under-21 Rugby League team.

The course concentrates on health as well as sport - and some students have made outstanding contributions to the Huddersfield community.

Furkh Usman, 20, of Lockwood, cycled from John O'Groats to Land's End for the Kidney Research Fund.

He also works for the Amateur Swimming Association, teaching disabled children to swim.

He said: "I thought I would like to do something helpful in my free time instead of just hanging around on the streets, and my tutor at college put me in touch with the ASA.

"I find it really rewarding. When kids who couldn't swim start being able to do so, it's great."