SAFETY officials have been using black ribbons to turn speed cameras into memorials for people killed or seriously injured in accidents.

But vandals later scattered some of the ribbons in an old garden at Milnsbridge.

Officials from the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership - which manages the region's speed cameras - have recruited marketing firm Link Communications for the county-wide scheme.

For the past week, Link Communications staff have been visiting certain roads and tying a ribbon around speed cameras for every person killed there over the past two years.

The team tied 22 ribbons around cameras between Linthwaite and Milnsbridge.

Link Communications staff also put up large signs at the junction of Manchester Road and Cowlersley Lane, Milnsbridge, telling drivers the road is an accident blackspot.

They stood at the junction from 5pm to 6.30pm, handing out leaflets which explained the significance of the ribbons.

Phil Dyson, operations manager for Link Communications, said: "The intention was to indicate that speed cameras are memorials, as well as speed reduction devices.

"It is to remind people that the cameras are there because people do die on these dangerous roads," added Mr Dyson.

The Link Communications team will be visiting other areas around West Yorkshire during the next week.