STUDENTS threw a cream pie in the face of their principal in a messy start to Children in Need fundraising across Huddersfield.

But Kirklees College head Peter McCann took it in good humour – as the pie-throwing fun was in aid of the annual charity effort, which comes to a national climax on BBC TV tonight.

A group of the college’s health and social care students raised much-needed cash by throwing cream pies – with their course tutor and the college principal as victims.

The level two adult learners convinced health and social care tutor Dawn Jepson to be ‘pied’ in return for donations for the charity.

College staff and students were also able to throw a pie at principal Peter McCann with the job going to the highest bidder – Karen Marshall, his executive assistant.

All money raised will be donated to Children in Need and this is the first of many fundraising events taking place across the college – including raffles and beauty treatment days – today.

Schools, community groups and businesses throughout the town will be holding Children in Need fundraisers and the Examiner’s photographers and reporters will be out and about covering some events. Saturday’s Examiner will feature a round-up of events. If you’re doing something for Children in Need we don’t know about send a photo and information to

Don’t forget to include your name, phone number and brief details about your event along with the amount you hope to raise.