VOLUNTEERS in South Crosland have been working to revitalise some of the village's historic structures.

Members of the Friends of Dean Wood environmental group have been working for three months to rescue historic animal water troughs.

The five troughs, at Pinfold Green, had not been used for many years. They were filled with mud and overgrown with weeds, nettles, brambles and tree roots.

A pipe has now been put in the troughs, so that running water pumps through them.

Although the troughs are more of a water feature than a functional item, they were once used for drinking by animals in stone enclosure called a pinfold.

The pinfold still stands around the troughs.

Years ago, this was used for impounding stray animals.

The man who rounded up the animals was called a pinder and he would fine the animals' owners.

He was employed by the Township of South Crosland.

Friends of Dean Wood chairman Barry Taylor said: "We are pleased to announce that the five water troughs are functioning again.

"Many thanks to all who helped."

He added that facts about the troughs' history were being welcomed by the group, which is also looking for new helpers.

Phone Mr Taylor on 01484 461804.