WE may not be alone.

Mars is in the news, as Britain's space probe Beagle, which landed on the Red Planet last week, still fails to respond to signals, and NASA's Spirit Mars landed on Sunday to start its exploration for signs of life.

Meanwhile, we may be getting visits from elsewhere in exchange.

More people have rung the Examiner to say they have seen UFOs over Huddersfield last week.

Mrs Christine Beech, 62, of Cherry Tree Close, Golcar, saw two unidentified flying objects flying overhead, at 00.35am on Wednesday morning after she stayed up to watch a late-night film.

"I was looking towards Longwood Edge when I saw a circular yellow thing come over the horizon followed by another one," she said.

"It started moving towards where I live.

"The first one came and turned round and went back over the horizon then the other one came over the house and I do not know where it went."

Mrs Beech's husband Brian and daughter Bev also witnessed the craft after she called them to the window.

"It was not an aeroplane because we see a lot of those as we are on the flight path to Manchester," said Mrs Beech.

"They were a golden, orange colour, illuminated all over and shaped rather like a squashed sphere, like a child's spinning top."

Mrs Beech said the craft were moving fast and looked as though they had come over from Lindley and Salendine Nook.

She heard no engine and thought they were not very high in the sky.

"I definitely know what I saw and it was something I have never seen before," she added.

Mr Malcolm Stapp, 74, of Salendine Nook, was the first person to tell The Examiner of the strange craft he had witnessed on Monday morning which sounded very similar to Mrs Beech's account.

Mrs Gloria Gill, of High Green, Lepton, also reports seeing an unusual aircraft early on Tuesday morning last week after she was watching a film at 00.30am.

"I thought it was a plane coming into land because we are on a few flight paths here," she said.

"But, as I watched it, it was not moving, it was just hovering. I opened the window but could not hear an engine.

"It hovered for about half an hour over the houses in Rowley Lane then went back towards Woodsome.

"I saw another one half an hour later over Woodsome."