A HUDDERSFIELD man has issued another warning about a prize "scam".

Mr John Haigh, of Town Place, Leeds Road, was sceptical when his postman delivered an envelope containing four cheques, addressed to him.

And when he scanned the small print he found it was from a Huddersfield-based marketing company.

To claim any prize would have meant a phone call costing at least £10.

It was the latest in a series of similar moves by the Value Group, who have a mailing address in Huddersfield.

Letters from the firm first surfaced several months ago.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service is warning anyone who receives similar offers to ignore them.

Officers said the company behind the operation was based outside the UK, but used mail-forwarding agents in this country to tempt potential "winners."

Value Group is an Amsterdam-based firm, but has a Huddersfield mailing address.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service manager John Field said: "People who receive these letters should not get involved. They should throw them straight in the bin.

"Customers should be very wary as these companies operate under premium phone numbers and are often based abroad."

Calls to Value Group's helpline went unanswered.