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Welcome to the Huddersfield Examiner's breaking news service.

Stay with us as one of Huddersfield's busiest commuter routes is closed this morning due to a burst water main.

Wakefield Road has been closed in both directions following a leak near Ravensknowle Park. The road is closed between the junctions for Grosvenor Road and Greenhead Lane/Dalton Green Lane.

Yorkshire Water were called earlier this morning following reports of water spilling across the road trickling down towards Waterloo. Residents have been left without water or low water pressure.

Motorists are being advised to seek alternative routes and may experience delays due to increased traffic on surrounding local roads.

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Summary of what happened in Wakefield Road water burst

Here’s a summary of the facts as we wrap this blog up...

  • Yorkshire Water were called early this morning after residents reported water leaking across Wakefield Road
  • Engineers attended and the road was shut in both directions, leading to traffic chaos
  • The force of the burst caused terrible damage to the tarmac
  • Water is now back on
  • The firm have since re-opened the road to one lane, but will be there over the next 24 hours working on repairs

See the full story here.

Wakefield Road has re-opened

We’ve just heard from Diane that the road is now open.

Yorkshire Water are keeping one lane closed while engineers continue to work on fixing the leak.

Resident's shocking pictures of damaged caused to the road

Diane Glover has sent us these pictures she snapped of the damage caused to the tarmac while she was out earlier this morning.

This could cause some serious damage to vehicles if left.

Damage caused to Wakefield Road following burst water main
(Image: Diane Glover)
Damage caused to Wakefield Road following burst water main
Damage caused to Wakefield Road following burst water main (Image: Diane Glover)

Road to re-open soon, Yorkshire Water say

We have an updates statement from Yorkshire Water - who say the road is due to re-open soon.

Den Tansey said:

“Wakefield Road will be re-opened soon and we will set up a lane closure so the repair of the water main can be carried out safely. We expect the repair is likely to take at least 24 hours and the repairs to the damaged road surface and footpath may take longer.

“We apologise for any traffic delays and advise motorists to consider a different route or allow extra time if they do need to travel to the area.”

Pictures show extent of damage to road surface

Here are some pictures we took earlier this morning. The damage to the road looks terrible...

Traffic beginning to ease on Wakefield Road

Reports that traffic is easing slightly as the morning rush ends, but just a heads up that the road is still closed and will remain shut until further notice from Yorkshire Water.

The road has been badly damaged following the leak earlier this morning.

Burst water main, closes Wakefield Road at junction of Greenhead Road, Dalton.
Burst water main, closes Wakefield Road at junction of Greenhead Road, Dalton.

WATCH: Louise is live!

You have to hand it to our reporter Louise Cooper. She gets a lot of flack on her Facebook Live coverage - but how many of you have stood on the street live to hundreds of people trying to give as much information as possible?

Here she is live at the scene on Wakefield Road.

Water now restored to homes but road remains closed, Yorkshire Water say

We have a statement from Yorkshire Water on the burst water main.

Spokesman Den Tansey said:

“Our technicians and a repair team from our contractors, Morrison Utility Services, are currently dealing with a burst water main in Wakefield Road. We apologise to our customers in Huddersfield who had their supplies interrupted by this burst. We anticipate that the water main will be repaired today but the burst has caused damage to the road surface and Wakefield Road is currently closed.

“We are sorry for any traffic disruption and will work to reopen the road as soon as possible. All customers have had their water supplies restored but I’m afraid it’s too early to say when the burst will be repaired and the road re-opened at the moment.”

Yorkshire Water
Yorkshire Water

WATCH: Footage from the scene as road snarled up

Some more footage from the scene this morning - here’s photographer Simon with the latest as the road becomes snarled up. Here is the stretch of road that has been closed.

Reports of "traffic chaos"

Our photographer has also been at the scene, which he describes as “chaos”.

Simon Morley said:

“There is a great deal of traffic chaos around Wakefield Road and its side routes. Police have closed the road and Yorkshire Water engineers are on the scene.

“There are two large holes in the bus lane about 300 metres from Ravensknowle Park and another hole, which looks like a “crater” in comparison, another 100 metres own towards Waterloo.”

WATCH: Video from the scene

Reporter Louise is currently at the scene...

What's occurring?

Good morning if you’re just joining us. Here’s a summary of what’s occurring...

  • Residents reported seeing water leaking and trickling down Wakefield Road this morning
  • Yorkshire Water were called out to investigate and found a water main had burst near Ravensknowle Park
  • Wakefield Road has been closed between Grosvenor Road and Dalton Green Lane
  • Traffic is extremely congested and there are delays in the area as commuters seek alternative routes
  • Bus services are also delayed. Motorists are being advised to avoid the area

Welcome to our live blog

Welcome to our live blog on the traffic chaos on Wakefield Road! We’ll keep you posted with what’s happening on the major commuter route.

Have you been affected by the traffic? Get in touch on Facebook or via Twitter at @Examiner. You can email us on or give our newsdesk a call on 01484 437712.