DOES Huddersfield really have a secret underground tunnel system?

It's a question that is mystifying students who have developed a website about the town.

They examine myths, legends and stories about the town on their fact-filling site.

But one puzzle remains.

Is there an underground tunnel system that stretches between St Paul's and St Peter's churches and on to Huddersfield Technical College?

Student Jimmy Stead said: "This was the most frustrating story of all.

"All inquiries seemed to lead to a dead end, although everyone we spoke to was really helpful, especially the manager of O'Neill's - where we practically had the walls out."

The website - www.huddslegends. - was due to be launched today.

Jimmy and fellow students Jon Edwards and Paul Duke and Richard Lawson have developed it in conjunction with Kirklees Council's Culture and Leisure Services and Moldgreen's Tolson Museum.

The subjects covered include stories about Storthes Hall mental hospital, Castle Hill and Robin Hood.

Jenny Salton, of Tolson Museum, said: "The students have worked hard and we are pleased with the results.

"A website is the ideal setting for a guide of this sort. We hope it might stimulate interest among the public."

Jimmy said: "I lost count of my hours in the library. We had an excellent response from local people."

To contribute, phone Jimmy on 01484 542419 or e-mail Paul at or Richard at rich.lawson@