A £192,580 Lotto grant could help a furniture recycling project take on new staff to repair furniture.

The Furnish and Equip project is managed by Kirklees Community Recycling Group and the National Children's Centre, at Brian Jackson House.

It hopes the money will allow new staff to be taken on to repair furniture and help even more people across Kirklees.

For more than 30 years, the scheme to help needy families furnish their homes has made life more comfortable for thousands.

Last year alone, more than 19,000 pieces of furniture were delivered to new homes.

Mike France, centre manager, said the money would make a big difference to the project and mean people who really needed help would get it.

He said: "The project is about recycling furniture from anybody who has reusable chairs, sofas or any household furniture."

The team collect donated furniture, store it, then help families in need who are referred to the project.

The grant was donated from the National Lottery Community Recycling and Economic Development programme through the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts.

Mr France said the benefits of the scheme were two-fold because, not only did people get furniture but items that would have been thrown away were reused.

He said: "It is a win-win situation because, instead of the furniture going in a landfill and causing environmental problems, it continues to be used.

"Hopefully this project, which has been so successful for a long time now, will go from strength to strength."

Simon Cale, chief executive of the recycling group said: "The project is setting up new partnerships with organisations that want to reuse furniture and other items that would otherwise go to landfill."

To donate furniture, call the National Children's Centre on 08456 341360.