The news that Huddersfield’s newest toy store will not open this Christmas Eve because of its owners’ religious beliefs has generated plenty of debate online.

Yesterday the Examiner reported how Christian shop owner, Gary Grant, will keep The Entertainer, in the Kirkgate Shopping Centre, closed on 24 December because it falls on a Sunday - the day of rest.

Mr Grant said: “In ’95, when Sunday trading became legal, God challenged me, ‘are you going to give up Sunday trading?’. Keeping the Sabbath holy is one of the 10 commandments, so I felt that I shouldn’t be opening the doors on a Sunday.”

He estimates his stores would make 1.5% of their annual turnover if they were to open this Christmas Eve but said it’s not worth it.

The Entertainer Toy Store in St John's shopping centre, Liverpool. Photo by Ian Cooper

The news has seen a mixed response from Examiner readers. Some have commended Mr Grant’s determination to put his beliefs above profit where others have questioned the sense in closing on the busiest shopping day of the year.

On the Examiner’s Facebook page, Colette Northern O’Hara said: “I saw them on a documentary years ago and fell in love with the fact that they wouldn’t open on Sundays as it’s the Lord’s day, so to speak. “I’m not religious but liked the fact they stood by their beliefs.”

John Bestow said: “What this achieves, God knows, literally as I’m not sure anyone else does. I hope those that depend on him share his beliefs. For clarity, it’s a shop, the idea is to sell stuff to people who want to buy stuff, it really is that simple.”

Helen Fielden said: “Part of me thinks good on him! Other part of me thinks great publicity stunt!”

Diane Ryane said: “All stores should be closed on a Sunday. I’m sure if you are that desperate for something you would have bought it on the Saturday.”

Helen Kingston said: “This chap wants to do it in the name of his faith - that’s his choice. But I can guarantee that his employees will love him for it. 10 years working in retail and I know how soul destroying and exhausting it is coming up to Xmas.”

And Mark Bottomley said: “There is only one God... He is German and got us to the Premier League.”