SANTA will be surrounded by bikers as well as reindeers when he arrives in Huddersfield this weekend.

A team of advanced motorcyclists from Huddersfield-based charity Whiteknights, which normally transports blood products between hospitals in West Yorkshire, will be responsible for escorting a different kind of package this Saturday.

The riders are usually deployed to carry blood, platelets and medical notes to local hospitals at no charge to the NHS but a team of their volunteer riders will be escorting Santa to his grotto at the annual Reindeer Parade to Armitage’s Garden Centres.

Vic Siswick, founder of Whiteknights said: “We are delighted to support Armitage’s and help escort Santa to the garden centres. It’s a great opportunity to raise our profile to a big audience and, of course, keep the crowd safe at such a busy event.”

The Reindeer parade will take place today, Saturday, at 10am in Shelley and at 2pm through Lindley. There will be an opportunity to meet the members of the Whiteknights at Armitage’s after each parade.

Donations to Whiteknights can be made at or by calling their Chairman Terry Dutchburn on 07857 640617 or founder Vic Siswick on 07973 652651.