Examiner readers have sprung to the defence of US President Donald Trump after local MP Barry Sheerman joined calls for the Government to cancel a planned state visit.

In a Commons question last week, the veteran Labour MP urged Home Secretary Amber Rudd to scrap the visit in light of the President’s “recent behaviour.”

Mr Trump had been criticised by politicians for re-tweeting videos posted online by far-right organisation Britain First.

However, some Examiner readers turned their anger on the Labour party and on Mr Sheerman himself.

On our Facebook page, Paul Sutherland said: “Better off getting Huddersfield at the top of his agenda! That’s his job. Instead of playing politics out of his depth.”

Ashley Almond added: “It would be great if Trump came over and even better if he offended the terminally offended some more. Better still if he got to meet Sheerman. I fear Barry would be scared witless by Trump’s presence, because he at least has one!”

Jeff Hampson posted: “I would like to meet Mr Trump. Not impressed with Mr Sheerman. Maybe Barry is scared of the truth like the rest of those lefties.”

Michael Hopkins said: “Like it or not (and I genuinely detest Trump and his divisive politics) he is the democratically elected leader of the USA.

“Let him come and let people show him how we feel about him, let people express their views on him if they so wish.

“Personally I think it won’t happen because he won’t run the risk of open demonstrations against him.”

Reader Pin Dan asked: “How exactly does he offend any of you and why? I had to ask.”

Several readers backed Mr Sheerman’s stance.

Colette O’Hara said: “Special relationship or not we can’t be seen associating with an ass who shares Britain First posts to push his agenda. Our relationship is with America not an individual president.”

Saleem Ahmed added: “I refuse to call myself British ever again if Trump is allowed to come.”

Steve Leese said: “Trump should not be allowed to leave his house, don’t even consider allowing him into the country.”