A WOMAN of 78 has been left marooned in her home after thieves stole the charger for her electric scooter.

The intruders removed a window in the garage next to Evelyn Munro's Honley home.

They climbed in and stole tools, along with a pressure washer and the charger for the scooter's battery.

Mrs Munro, a widow who suffers from rheumatism, said the charger can only be used to power up her Toledo scooter. It would be useless to anyone else.

"I can only think they thought it was something to do with the pressure washer," she said.

"But it only works with the scooter. I'm marooned and can't go anywhere until I get a replacement charger.

"I need my scooter just to go shopping and have missed not being able to use it over the last few days."

Mrs Munro mainly uses it to travel from her home on Bradshaw Avenue down to the centre of Honley.

She hopes to get a replacement battery charger later today.