FORMER Conservative leader William Hague slammed the government for doing a “bad job”.

The MP was on a whistle-stop tour of Kirklees where he met hundreds of local residents.

He took part in two lively question and answer sessions with voters at Ainley Top and Shelley.

The MP, who is currently featured in the satirical comedy show Headcases as a bitter-supping Yorkshireman, also stopped off at the Three Nuns Pub in Mirfield for a photocall.

William Hague said: “I think the local Conservative party are doing a lot of positive things here in Kirklees.

“What is clear from talking to people is that there is a lot of satisfaction with the council locally.

“But people have told me they are unhappy with the government who are doing a bad job in the country.

“Although I am not from this part of Yorkshire, it is good to meet people here and listen to their views.”

His tour of Kirklees was less eventful than an earlier trip to Bradford where he was pelted with an egg, which he quickly laughed off.

The colourful Rotherham-born MP is one of few MPs to take the hot seat of comedy programme Have I Got News For You, often mocking himself in the process.

But politics was at the top of the agenda for his Kirklees tour.

He added: “From what I have seen and heard, the council are doing a lot of good work which includes the recycling schemes and road improvements in the area, all the while keeping council tax low.

“These are the issues that people will vote on and these are the issues that are important to them.

“I’ve had a series of good meetings and lively question and answer sessions with the people of Kirklees and I am pleased to be here.”

The shadow foreign secretary also met local councillors who reported on their campaign trail.

Clr Margaret Bates told him the main issues people talked to her about were the economy, the war in Iraq and recycling.

She also told him voters had said they planned to vote for the British National Party, solely because of their concerns about immigration.

The MP said it was a “concern”.

Kirklees Council leader Clr Robert Light promised to put local issues at the top of his agenda.

Clr Light said: “I think it is great that William Hague has come along to help with our election campaign.

“It shows that the link between the council and the government is important to us all.

“The people of Kirklees have been welcoming and vocal in sharing their views with the MP and us councillors.

“I believe we have achieved a lot in Kirklees, but none of us will become complacent and there is still a lot more for us to do and achieve and we’ll do it.”