A woman who previously questioned the creditials of a district judge has been found guilty of criminal damage.

Deborah Wilkinson, of Mardale Road in Dewsbury , was due to appear at Kirklees Magistrates Court yesterday (Wednesday) accused of causing damage to a wheel clamp on August 16.

This was the second time the case was listed before the courts and on her previous appearance last month she demanded to know why district judge Michael Fanning wasn’t wearing a wig, asking: “Can I see your CV?”

After repeatedly warning the 50-year-old over her “silly behaviour” he lost patience and ordered her to leave.

Wilkinson, who the court heard has personal problems, failed to appear before Mr Fanning and the trial was heard in her absence.

The court heard that on August 10 civil enforcement officer Andrew Redmond attended her home to seize goods for non-payment of motoring fines.

But Wilkinson refused to open the door and papers were posted through her letter box informing her of the process.

Mr Redmond, who gave evidence in court, said checks revealed an MG sports car parked at the address was registered to Wilkinson and he returned on August 15 and applied a wheel clamp.

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But the following day on his return he noticed the rubber teeth of the clamp designed to prevent damage to alloys had been removed and grease had been applied to the clamp.

Mr Redmond notified the police of the damage to the wheel clamp which costs around £25.

During interview Wilkinson refused to answer any questions and the motoring fine for which the clamp had been imposed was subsequently paid by her parents and clamp removed.

District Judge Fanning told the court: “I am satisfied that Andrew Redmond had lawful authority to apply the clamp on that motor vehicle on private property.

“It’s his goods, he owns it and no one is entitled to damage it.

“Only Deborah Wilkinson would have a motive to remove it from her car, on her drive.”

He concluded: “I can be certain that she is guilty of criminal damage.”

Wilkison was ordered to pay fines and court courts totalling £895 within 28 days.