A WOMAN who threatened to make a false rape claim against a taxi driver has been jailed for robbing him.

Brighouse Taxis employee Mohammed Asif had picked up Natalie Woods in Rastrick, along with Nicola Cliberon and Mark Mbye, and was taking them into Huddersfield town centre last November when she began making fake sexual advances towards him.

Prosecutor Simon Batiste said Mr Asif eventually stopped the taxi and asked for his fare, but after Cliberon and Mbye got out Woods, 38, who was in the front passenger seat, asked him to drive further up Chapel Lane.

At one stage Woods told the cabbie to give her his money or she would scream and say that he had tried to rape her.

Mr Asif called Woods' bluff and threatened to call the police, but she asked him not to and he drove the car back down the street.

Cliberon and Mbye got back in the rear of the vehicle and they suddenly pulled Mr Asif back against his seat.

Mr Batiste said Woods then grabbed the front pocket of the cabbie’s Asian clothing and tried to take the money out of it.

Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday that the pocket ripped and Woods was able to take an estimated £30 in cash.

Mr Asif tried to keep hold of Woods and drive to the police station but all three managed to escape.

The court heard that Woods and 40-year-old Cliberon, both of Highfield Road, Rastrick, had lengthy records of previous convictions, but none for robbery.

Mbye, 35, of Nunnery Lane, Brighouse, had no previous convictions.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said it was accepted by Woods that she was the prime mover in the offence and yesterday he jailed her for two years after she pleaded guilty to robbery.

Cliberon and Mbye also admitted being involved in the robbery, but neither of them were jailed.

Cliberon had her 12-month prison sentence suspended for a year, but she will be subject to a three-month night-time home curfew.

The judge said she must also do 150 hours unpaid work for the community and be subject to supervision for a year.

Mbye was given a 12-month community order which includes 120 hours unpaid work, supervision for 12 months and attendance on alcohol reduction programmes.

The judge told Woods that she had initially sought to embarrass the taxi driver with fake sexual advances and had then threatened to make a rape complaint against him.

“Finally with the brief assistance of the others you robbed him of his takings,” said Judge Durham Hall.

“I can’t overlook this Miss Woods. You came to court knowing you had to go to prison for this offence. You have taken onto your shoulders much of the blame which is to your credit”.