A HUDDERSFIELD woman claims she has not been receiving crucial mail for weeks.

Electricity bills and a letter from her consultant are among the post to have gone missing.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, lives in Ainley Top and she said: “It’s really made me cross. I was expecting a padded envelope eight weeks ago which never came. I also haven’t received a letter from my consultant.

“I got a red reminder from Npower which I’ve never seen before because I always pay my bills on time.”

The woman, who said her neighbours are having similar problems, added: “This lost post problem goes on and on. I haven’t received any of the missing items, but I continue to get junk mail.”

She said the problems started when the regular postman retired a few months ago. The woman said: “He was brilliant, we respected him and never had any problems but now we have a different postman every day.”

And she is unhappy with Royal Mail’s response to her complaints.

The woman said: “I went to the sorting office on Northumberland Street but I got no joy there.”

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said: “We’re looking into the complaint and an investigation is underway.”