ONE of Huddersfield’s best-known roads has had yet another speed camera mounted on it – at a bend dubbed ‘Hellfire Corner’.

The camera on Woodhead Road at Honley will be monitoring traffic heading away from Honley as vehicles approach the bend.

The speed limit at that point is 30mph but changes to 40mph about 150 metres after the bend.

No precise date has been established yet for it to become operational.

The road improvements – total package, including islands, amendments to the legal order to relocate the speed limit, safety camera provision and retexturing of the road surface – will cost in the region of £75,000.

The development has been welcomed by Kirklees councillor Charles Greaves, (Independent Holme Valley North), a long-time road safety campaigner who said he hoped the new camera would deal with the problem.

He said discussions about installing a new camera arose around a year ago after a West Yorkshire Fire Service vehicle was involved in an accident in that area.

He said: “I know it will be strange to have two speed cameras on top of each other but we are as keen as mustard not to have any more serious accidents in that area.

“As far as we are concerned it was necessary. We are not going to ignore requests from the emergency services.

“At the moment the camera is in situ and hopefully will encourage people to observe the speed limit.

“Hellfire Corner pretty much sums it up.

“My own cousin was involved in a serious head-on collision on that road 20 years ago.”

A council spokesman said: “We continue to monitor our roads in an attempt to make them as safe as we can and we have been making changes to the road layout on the bend near to the petrol station.

“Following previous accident studies we made improvements to the route in 2009 to reduce the risk of further collisions.

“This included improvements to skid resistance on the road surface, moving safety cameras and refreshing road markings.

“The work was successful in reducing the number of serious injury collisions overall on the route between Honley and Berry Brow.

“This particular route has been fitted with several safety measures in the past such as warning signs, regulatory road markings, traffic islands, a lower speed limit and safety camera installations.

“These measures have been a positive step towards the route being safer and the risk of injuries on the whole being reduced.

“Unfortunately, illegal and irresponsible driver behaviour means we cannot completely remove all the risks.

“Despite the reduction in crashes, two further serious collisions occurred in 2011 and 2012 in close proximity at the Honley end of the route.

“We are now planning further improvements to reduce risk and try to manage the behaviour of drivers.

“An additional safety camera will be installed on the approach to the bend, encouraging people to drive at speeds which are appropriate for the road environment.

“There will also be improvements to signage and road marking as we continue our efforts to make roads in Kirklees as safe as possible for all concerned.”