ALMONDBURY author Joanne Harris has been hard at work - raising charity cash.

She joined best-selling British authors who have auctioned off for charity the names for characters in their new books.

A bidder offered £600 to be included in Joanne's next book.

She is best known for her work Chocolat, which was turned into a film.

Successful bidders include a man who paid £1,000 to see his mother's name appear in the next book by Irish writer Maeve Binchy.

Another fan secured a role in books by two authors, bidding £950 for best-selling children's writer Philip Pullman and £240 for Adrian Mole creator Sue Townsend.

An author was also one of the bidders at the third charity auction for victims of torture, at London's Groucho Club last night.

Martina Cole, whose own work raised £220, paid £1,000 for her name to appear in the next book by Tipping the Velvet writer Sarah Waters.

The Immorality Auction raised just under £20,000 for the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture.

This included a £10,000 anonymous gift from an author taking part.