A NEW campaign aims to "tackle, not tolerate" anti-social behaviour in Yorkshire and the Humber.

More than 300 professionals met in Sheffield to discuss new ways of stamping out intimidation, harassment and anti-social behaviour.

They are part of 4,000 front-line staff across the country who will gear up to tackle anti-social behaviour at a new series of Home Office Together Academies over the next month.

David Sykes, community protection manager for Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, was at the event.

He said: "Our main concern is to make sure people can live in their homes safely and in successful communities.

"From time to time anti-social behaviour is a problem. We need the tools to enable us to deal with those problems.

"Attending conferences such as this help us generate a local acknowledgement that people working together can solve problems."

The events are designed for anyone involved in tackling anti-social behaviour in their communities to work together to tackle, not tolerate, anti- social behaviour by sharing their expertise," he said.

Home Office minister Hazel Blears said: "We all have the right to live in safe, secure communities. But we also have responsibility to help create those communities. The active engagement of local people is also vital to stopping yobbish behaviour and I encourage everyone to play their part.

"The academy today will give people the knowledge, support, tools and powers to be as effective as they possibly can to protect their local communities."

Fifteen Together Academies are being held throughout England and Wales this month to support local groups and residents in tackling anti-social behaviour in their communities.