JD Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin has threatened to stop selling EU-made beers and coffee.

The prominent Vote Leave campaigner has said EU officials needed to 'wise up' or risk making EU goods more expensive by blocking a trade deal with the UK.

Martin warned that Britain's biggest pub chain, which includes Huddersfield's Cherry Tree and Lord Wilson, could ditch popular European beers and its biggest selling coffee, Lavazza, which is made in Italy.

The Wetherspoon boss complained that UK ministers were negotiating with 'unelected oligarchs from the EU', reports The Mirror .

While some of Britain's most popular beers brands, such as Stella and Carlsberg, originate from EU countries they are brewed in the UK under licence so are less likely to be affected.

Some popular premium brands, solely brewed in their native country, such as Peroni and Beck's are more likely to rise in price should the UK leave the EU without an adequate trade deal.

JD Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin

The popular Swedish cider Kopparberg could also be affected.

Martin said: "In the current negotiations, democratically-elected politicians from the UK are dealing with unelected oligarchs from the EU.

"Since the oligarchs are not subject to judgement at the ballot box, their approach is dictated by more sectarian factors – the interests and ideology of EU apparatchiks like them, rather than residents or businesses from EU countries.

"As a result of their current posturing and threats, EU negotiators are inevitably encouraging importers like Wetherspoon to look elsewhere for supplies.

"This process is unlikely to have adverse effects on the UK economy, as companies will be able to switch to suppliers representing the 93% of the world’s population which is not in the EU, but this evolution will eventually be highly damaging to the economy of the EU."

Martin added he was 'confident' Wetherspoon could switch from EU suppliers.

He said Juncker and other EU officials "need to take a wise-up pill in order to avoid causing further economic damage to struggling economies like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy".

It came as Wetherspoon’s announced annual profits jumped 25% to £103million, with sales up 4.1% to £1.6billion.

The firm’s share price leapt 13% to a record high yesterday, boosting the value of founder Martin’s stake by £48m to £398m.