Council bosses have eased fears of bin collections moving to every three weeks.

A spat between Labour and Conservatives on Kirklees Council has been ongoing, with the Tories demanding assurances that fortnightly bin collections will continue next year.

It came after a comment by a Labour Cabinet member during last week’s full council meeting that they “may or may not” look at it, which has since been dismissed by Labour.

A spokesman for Kirklees Council said: “There are some difficult financial challenges for the whole of the Streetscene service area, and while the budget proposals stay roughly in line with what was agreed last year, we will be able to maintain the current service levels for collection of bins.

“There are no current plans to change this service, and no discussions have taken place on what the impact of three weekly bin collections would be – however if our budget situation changes significantly, we would have to look at alternative solutions.”

The Examiner reported that Clr David Hall, Tory leader, said Labour were “considering introducing” three weekly bin collections next year.

Labour leader Clr David Sheard hit back claiming the Tories were living in “dreamland” adding: “It has not even been suggested from any of my colleagues...we have no plans whatsoever to alter our current arrangements.”