A wom,an was ordered to leave court – after questioning the authority of a district judge.

Deborah Wilkinson demanded to know why experienced resident Huddersfield judge Michael Fanning wasn’t wearing a wig and asked: “Can I see your CV?”

After repeatedly warning the 50-year-old over her “silly behaviour” he lost patience and ordered her to leave.

Wilkinson, of Mardale Road in Dewsbury, had appeared at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court for the first time charged with criminal damage.

Her bizarre behaviour came at the beginning at a busy morning of cases being dealt with by the judge in courtroom number one.

She is accused of damaging a wheel clamp worth £25 belonging to a man at an address in Dewsbury on August 16.

But instead of entering a plea Wilkinson, representing herself, demanded to know: “Why are you not wearing a wig or gown?

“You’re not a judge, are you?”

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When Judge Fanning told her that he wasn’t required to wear this attire in a magistrates’ court, she replied: “It doesn’t look like a courtroom. Can you give me your CV please?”

Wilkinson asked Judge Fanning several times for his name – and spelling of this – and refused to indicate a plea to the charge.

When told that he would then record a plea of not guilty and list the case for a trial, Wilkinson wasn’t happy with this.

She questioned if the proceedings were being recorded and quizzed the usher if she was taking a note of the number of “witnesses” in the courtroom.

Wilkinson asked to read out a 30 page document, but this request was declined by Judge Fanning who said he’d had enough of her.

Court security officers were drafted into courtroom number one as Wilkinson was told to leave after refusing to behave.

He told her: “You’re disrupting the court and I won’t tolerate it.

“Stop playing silly games and step out of the court or I’ll have you arrested for disrupting proceedings.”

Judge Fanning went on to fix the trial in Willinson’s absence and this will take place on December 6.