I WAS very impressed with the way you set the team up against Doncaster. We seemed to be much more attack minded and caused them problems. You are obviously going to give way for a new manager. Do you therefore think it may be detrimental because the team will have just got used to your ideas and way of playing and then it will all change? In the meantime keep up the good work.

Nick, Berry Brow

I don’t think there will be a problem.

Players are very adaptable and they know that my tenure as caretaker manager is short-term.

I’m sure that by the time of his appointment, whoever the new manager is will have done his homework and made up his mind on how to get the best out of the players currently at the club.

In addition, it’s highly likely the make-up of the squad will change, because some of the existing players will depart and some new ones will come in, so the new manager will be moulding things his way.

AFTER watching the amazing Liverpool-Arsenal game with the great atmosphere especially at the Kop end, do you not think Town should have their supporters behind the goal? Why not name the Antich Stand the Cowshed for one game only to try and revive the atmosphere of Leeds Road? Put Town fans behind the goal. I, like many have, tried the Panasonic, but for me it is too high up. Liverpool players commented on how the Kop acted as an extra man, so why give an advantage to sides visiting the Galpharm? Forget the politics, let’s have a test for the Arsenal game.

Lee, ex-Cowshed ender

I would love to see Town supporters behind the goals, but we can’t forget what you term the politics.

The club have explained several times that because of the design of the stadium, security reasons make it impossible to put away fans in any other area. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is.

IF you were 10 years younger, would you be applying for the manager’s job?

John, Meltham

I think I would, but 10 years ago, I would never have envisaged being in charge of the first team for any length of time.

My 20-year career at Huddersfield Town has been firmly focused on youth football, and I think that’s my forte.

I’ve very much enjoyed both my stints as caretaker manager, and it’s been a great experience, but each time I’ve known it’s short term, and that makes a difference.

What’s important now is that the new manager settles in quickly and the club has a period of stability.

WERE you concerned at picking up five bookings against Doncaster?

Tommy, Holmfirth

My major concern is with bookings which are unnecessary, by which I mean those for dissent, time-wasting or kicking the ball away, and players are fined in those instances.

Given the pace of the modern game and the way referees are schooled, you are sure to pick some up for fouls and mistimed tackles.

Clearly I would rather go through a game without any cautions, but this is pretty much impossible.

HOW surprised were you that Doncaster made a double substitution so early in last Saturday’s game?

Heather, Huddersfield

I was a little surprised, and I thought Sean O’Driscoll would have left it until half-time.

He was clearly concerned at the dominance we were exerting in the first half, and to his credit, took positive steps to tackle the situation.