CONGRATULATIONS on your Manager of the Month Award. Is the job harder or easier now than it was at the start of the season? Morkey, e-mail

Jacko says: THE job is just as hard now as it was earlier in the season - it is always hard being a football manager because a lot of pressure rides with it.

Being successful is all about how you deal with that pressure.

I enjoy it.

I look forward to coming in to work every day and I love being manager of Huddersfield Town.

Some weeks are not so good - like when we lost 4-0 at Macclesfield in December - and people are down.

It's important I never let myself get down - and I'm always up for the next game and positive about our prospects.

With the players, it's important to make them enjoy their football.

Terry Yorath does a lot of the work on the training ground and Taff is fantastic to have as my trusted righthand man.

I go on there now probably more than I used to, but Taff deserves a lot of credit for being a big help in what we have achieved this season and what we are going to achieve in seasons to come.

You are always going to get highs and lows, that's the nature of football.

We are on a high at the moment, so we want to keep it going.

If we stick to what we have been doing and maintain our standards, then this could be the best season this club has had for years.

That's the aim and I'm delighted to have picked up another Manager of the Month Award.

As I said in the Examiner last night, if I win the Division III prize for April then we know we are up.

That's the target I'm setting for the players, who have been magnificent all season.

The spirit among them and the desire to do well is incredible and if they can keep this good run going for the next five weeks or so then we'll be fine.

Working with them has been a pleasure.

When I was fired last time, the first 12 months out of management were very hard indeed. I really did miss my job and everything connected with it.

During my four years out, I turned down quite a few offers to return to management because I just didn't feel they were right - but I jumped at the chance to come back to Town.

I think everybody knows how much I enjoy it and, combine that with the way things are going, everything is falling into place how I want it to.

ARE you happy with our goalscoring capabilities? Jamie Garlick, Stockport

Jacko says: I WAS looking only yesterday at the records and noted that 17 outfield players have scored for us this season.

When we sold Jonathan Stead to Blackburn for massive money - he was our leading scorer with 18 - it has been said that everyone thought we would fall away.

No-one thought we would be able to score enough goals to sustain a promotion challenge, but I think the lads have answered that in no uncertain fashion.

Against Swansea last week, I thought we should have been three up inside five minutes and, if we had have been, the scoreline could have been anything.

When you look at the Football League stats, we have scored most goals from set-pieces, we've hit the woodwork more than any other team and we are fourth for shots on target and efforts at goal.

The statistics don't lie, so I'm very happy with how we are playing as an attacking force, with how we are moving the ball about and with our creating of chances.

HOW is Nat Brown and what are his chances for the rest of the season? Jenny, Huddersfield

Jacko says: NAT got injured against Lincoln in February when he was playing up front and it was very unfortunate for him.

He had already shown at centre-back and wing-back what a good player he can be and it's because of that versatility that he has earned a new two-year contract extension.

I have been very pleased with Nat's progress this year: ie his attitude, desire to play for this club and his willingness to work and learn, and he has proved that with his performances.

He was a regular until the injury came about.

The problem is a groin tear but, hopefully, Nat will wear the blue and white stripes again before the season is over.

It is one of those injuries where it's difficult to put a timescale on the recovery.

Nat is having treatment and working very hard in the gym, so that he can cut down the rehabilitation period to a minimum, but exactly how long he'll be we just can't say.

DO you take pride in the fact Hull is sold out and the support Town have is so good at the moment? Jonny, e-mail

Jacko says: WE have had terrific support this season because I think people are proud to be Town fans again and are proud of how their team are playing.

I said before the Swansea match last weekend how important it was for the crowd to play their part, and we really did have a good atmosphere inside the McAlpine.

The lads really do appreciate it and we are hoping to have some very big crowds for our matches during the run-in.

We have got the odd moaner or two, just like all clubs, but the majority of supporters appreciate all the hard work which has been put in here by the staff, players and everyone behind the scenes and know how much progress we have made in a short space of time.

This club was on its knees not too long ago, but since Ken Davy's takeover we have been on the up `big time' and we want to see that through with promotion.

It's great that so many fans are planning to go to Orient tomorrow and that Hull is sold out with 3,844 Town fans buying tickets.

There is going to be a great atmosphere at the KC Stadium.

WHICH of the new shirt designs for the second kit do you prefer? J Turner, e-mail

Jacko says: I LIKE the broad red and black stripes, so my vote is going to shirt D.

When I was here before, we had a shirt with thinner red and black stripes, but I think the traditional one is more suitable for Town.

There was a lot of talk earlier in the season about our black strip and about it being jinxed, but I don't go along with that.

It is no use trying to make excuses for rubbish performances!

We just weren't playing well away from home at that time and something needed to be done about it. The fact we have vastly improved has nothing to do with the kit.

Normal red and black stripes will do fine for me as a change kit and, for the record, we will be wearing light blue shorts and socks with our blue and white stripes tomorrow.

WHY does Sodje wear his bandana? Daniel Large, e-mail

Jacko says: I HAVE no idea, but if he keeps playing well he can wear whatever he likes!

He always wears something on his head whether he's on the field or off and I've been extremely pleased with how he has done this time.

He was a bit inconsistent earlier in the season, but since he became captain he has looked like a different player.

He has taken the responsibility of captaincy extremely well and his commitment and effort are superb.

He stepped down from the First to the Third Division showing a lot of faith in us, so hopefully we can repay him with a promotion.

WITH the pitch threadbare at the moment, were Swansea's subs trying to stop our flowing football by cutting it up even more in a half-time kickabout? Brian Perks, Sowood

Jacko says: I HAVE no complaints at all about the pitch.

Phil Redgwick and his team do a great job, they always ask us how we want it and it's a really good surface to play on.

It takes some stick with all the rugby and football, but I think of it as the Wembley of the North.

And even if Swansea's subs were trying to cut it up a bit last weekend, it would have taken a bulldozer to stop us going forward and scoring goals!