DON'T worry about the moaners because 99% of Town fans are 100% behind you. What is your target for the run-in? Carol, Holmfirth

Jacko says: I AM looking to win our two remaining home games against Scunthorpe and Mansfield as a platform and then look to pick up at least one away win.

Three points tomorrow would be a massive result ahead of two tough away trips to Northampton on Tuesday and Hull next Saturday.

We are then back at the McAlpine against Mansfield before going to Cheltenham on the final day - and they don't concede many as they have improved under John Ward.

It is our form at the McAlpine which has helped us into such a great position in the table, we have been tremendously consistent on our own turf and, if we can keep that focus, we won't go far wrong.

Slip-ups have been very seldom and, if we can avoid any tomorrow and against Mansfield, it will just be a matter of making sure we do the business away from home.

Everyone here is up for the challenge.

I've told the lads we just need to give everything now in the final push.

The progress we have made over the past few months has been unbelievable, not just on the pitch but behind the scenes as well and in terms of the number of youngsters coming through.

The whole club has been re-vamped, really, and against that background it has been a fantastic achievement to get into the situation we find ourselves now.

It would be a shame not to go up automatically, having put in so much hard work, and I don't think anyone here wants to miss out.

We've got five matches left whereas most of our rivals have only four.

After tomorrow they will have only three matches in which to make an impact, so if we can put three points on the board against Scunthorpe, it's going to make it extremely difficult for them to close the gap - especially if we play like we can in these last few matches.

HOW confident are you we can derail Northampton's great run, weather permitting? JC, Bawtry

Jacko says: WE know it is going to be a very tough game down there on Tuesday.

They had a fantastic 3-2 win at Hull last weekend and they are one of the form teams in the division.

I was very disappointed with the way we started in the match which was abandoned the other week.

We looked sloppy and conceded early on and those are two things we will be aiming to avoid.

Give Northampton a chance and they are a very dangerous side, so we will need to be on our mettle.

Colin Calderwood has done a great job since he went into the club and they have picked up superbly.

They were the big spenders at the start of the season and tipped to go up, but it has taken them a while to come through.

We will be going there to set out our stall and we are frightened of no-one. A win would be brilliant.

THE standard of refereeing has been poor this season, but do you think you should be more vocal about this after a win, so it doesn't sound like sour grapes all the time? G Castle, Ainley Top

Jacko says: YOU'RE right, the standard of refereeing has been very poor and I've been really disappointed about it.

I sit down every Monday morning with our secretary, Ann Hough, to mark each referee we have and the thing which we really notice is how inconsistent they are. We do make our feelings known to the Football League, but complaints very rarely seem to lead to any action.

When we went to the FA about the sendings-off of Jon Worthington and Efe Sodje, it was just the same.

There was video evidence to back up Jon's appeal, which we felt showed there was no way he should have been sent-off, and it was also inconclusive with Efe's red over at Bury, but we didn't get anywhere.

There seems little point appealing, so all we do is mark each ref as we see fit. All season, they have been very low marks.

WHAT happens to your reports on the referees and do you think, like the players, they should be subject to trial by video? Graham, e-mail

Jacko says: THE refereeing by Trevor Parkes at Orient was the worst I have ever seen and we gave him just five marks out of 100.

We are asked to give ratings on how each official manages the players, on the quality of his decision making and such like, and when you get to the end you have a total number of points.

If it is low, you are asked to send in a letter giving your views on why the referee was so poor, which is what we did in the case of Mr Parkes.

The annoying thing, though, is that they don't seem to get punished.

They make blunders which could cost clubs a promotion or a relegation and yet there never seems to be any comeback.

They make a decision and that's it. Very rarely do you find anyone willing to hold up their hands and accept they made a mistake.

Maybe video evidence should be closely looked at in the case of a very low mark, but it just seems to be a closed shop. Remarks are taken on board, but nothing ever happens.

WHY has Pawel Abbott looked weary in the second half of recent matches? Will his ban restore him to full fitness? Martin, Manchester

Jacko says: PAV has scored five goals in 10½ matches, which is a very good record, but perhaps he hasn't looked quite so sharp in the last couple of games.

You have to remember that while he was with Preston in the First Division, he really hadn't played many games until coming here, so it's effectively a big step up.

I hope this enforced rest does do him a power of good, because there is no doubt he is a talented striker and he will score goals for this club. He has a big part to play over the next couple of years.

AS we come to the crunch, are you worried our relative lack of experience will count against us? Will we wobble at the wrong time? D Barnett, Blackpool

Jacko says: I'M not worried and I don't think we'll wobble.

We've got good experience in Booth, Yates and Sodje and, when you combine that with the youth and energy the other players provide, it's a good mix.

It's just a matter of being consistent, which we have been since Christmas. Three defeats in 20 games is a great record and we now just need a final push.

WILL the club produce a video of the season? Danny Krigers, e-mail

Jacko says: I HOPE so, because the one about our Great Escape when I was last here was superb.

I think it's good to tell the story of the season, not just to show the goals, and there would be plenty to talk about in 2003-04!

WHAT do you think of moronic synchronised goal celebrations? J Beaumont, Sowerby Bridge

Jacko says: PLAYERS should celebrate, but I don't go for the organised stuff.

Just do what you feel, although I had better not comment.

I can't help but go crackers when we score and I'm half way on the pitch. At Boston early in the season, the fourth official was going to get me sent-off!

PLEASE ask the lads to acknowledge the fans as we applaud them off after being subbed? HJ, Dalton

Jacko says: THE lads always appreciate the backing they get and always applaud the fans at the end of the game.

On Monday Steve Yates was taken off at half time, so he couldn't acknowledge the fans, while Tony Carss was half dead with migraine and didn't really know what was going on.

I can assure you, though, we are well aware of the support we get.