GREAT picture of you celebrating against Scunthorpe. Do you ever worry about your health during all the leaping around? JT, Heckmondwike

Jacko says: I'VE been looking at that picture from the Examiner and wondering why I never jumped that high when I was a player!

I'm two stones heavier now than when I was playing, so it shouldn't be possible.

The truth of the matter is that I am physically and mentally drained after matches these days.

On a Saturday night I am a total wreck, so I've even stopped going out - it's just not worth it.

I'm finding it difficult to wind down after games because I'm either on such a high or in a deep, deep low.

Either way I'm a mess, but my health is fine and I certainly don't think I could give up celebrating.

I hope to be jumping around a lot more before the season is over.

Jacko says: WAS Tuesday's win our best of the current season? Dez, e-mail

Jacko says: IT certainly ranks up there with the Oxfords and the Torquays.

They hadn't been beaten at home for something like four months and, with the pressure of the situation as well, we came up with the goods.

The most pleasing thing was the way that we played to win it. We played some terrific stuff and could have been three or four up, but we defended really well when the pressure was on - it was a real team performance.

WHAT are the chances of making a video of Andy Booth's 100 goals and linking it to a review of our promotion season (assuming both are achieved)? Alex, Cambridge

Jacko says: I THINK it's a terrific idea and I'm sure the powers that be are already considering it.

Commemorative videos are always nice to look back at and I'm told the Great Escape video from my first spell is still selling well.

I agree, a video about this season would be good.

IF we get promoted, which areas of the team do you need to strengthen to compete in Division II? Steven, e-mail

Jacko says: THE important thing at all times is look to bring in players who are better than the ones you've got.

If you don't progress in that way then you are not moving forward .

Should we achieve the promotion we are going for, I would look to bring in possibly four or five better quality players who fit the bill.

Hopefully the budget will be a little bit better to enable this to happen, but the players who come in do have to be the right type.

It is important they are of the right character and have the proper attitude and that they fit into the spirit of this club.

We want hard workers who are going to have a real go and we want good lads. There are no cliques at this club, everyone gets on and we want people who will give their all for the blue and white shirt.

THE club has suffered through lack of stability over the years, your sacking being a case in point. If a long deal was on the table now, would you sign it with Taff? Dave, Liversedge

Jacko says: SINCE I was sacked the club has had four managers in four years and that is too many.

We would still have been a First Division club if I had not been harshly sacked - no doubt about it. I should have been left to get on with the job.

The offering of contracts, long or otherwise, is in the hands of the people who run the club.

I've got 14 months left on my contract and this club is building for the future.

You only have to look at the talented young players who are coming through to realise this club has got something special going.

I want to be a part of it.

A LOT of new contracts have been drawn up for next season. Will you be offering deals to anyone still out of contract? Hannah, Huddersfield

Jacko says: TO be honest, I have put that on a back burner until we know which division we will be playing in.

We have let Dwayne Mattis go so he can get fixed with another club as quickly as possible after some good, loyal service to the clu.

But the other four or five players will have to wait.

WITH hindsight, was it a mistake not to take off Sodje at half time against Scunthorpe to prevent him getting sent-off? Don, Huddersfield & Philip Holland, Holywell

Jacko says: EFE SODJE is one of those players who often gets very high marks, but who occasionally has a match like last Saturday.

Since I made him captain he has been very good, but last Saturday I think he let himself and the team down and I told him so.

To be fair, Efe knew it himself and he made amends with another solid display at Northampton.

At half time last Saturday and 2-1 down, I wanted to leave the team the same with the intention of turning things around.

As it turned out, we played better with 10 men and got the result that we wanted, but that was just one of those things.

HOW did you think Harkins and McAliskey did on their full debuts? Tracy Sanderson, West Yorks

Jacko says: GARY HARKINS deserved his chance because when he had come on as a substitute for us he had always done well.

It was a big game for him, he's only 19 and, to be fair, I thought he did okay against Scunthorpe.

The fans didn't see the real Gary Harkins, though, and that's why I eventually made the switch.

Gary is a very good prospect and I've had no hesitation in extending his loan to the end of the season.

With Macca, he has always looked like scoring when he has come on as a sub, but what made last Saturday an extraordinary full debut was how well he led the line on his own.

He was excellent, and he got his reward with two late goals which none of us will ever forget.

I was also pleased with how Macca and Boothy played together on Tuesday and Boothy will bring the best out of the youngster - just like he did with Jonathan Stead.

Macca will be doing just the same as Steady in terms of working through the summer in the gym to improve his strength.

NEITHER Booth nor Abbott have real pace so we can't play over the top. Do you see them as our best strike partnership long term? Dom, Huddersfield

Jacko says: FIRST of all, Pav is not the slowest around and he has been playing off Boothy well.

People forget he's only 21 - he is very much one of Jacko's Jewels, if you like - and he will continue to improve over the next few years.

As ever, you need someone who is going to score you 25 goals a season.

We sold Steady, who would have topped 30 in my opinion, and I think Pav has come in and done well.

It's also a bonus to have young Macca coming through to work alongside Boothy.

IS there an FA law which says Town players have to be punished for celebrating? Janet, Honley & Dave Herbert, Shepley.

Jacko says: THERE were 50 or 60 incidents last weekend where players rushed into the crowd and nothing happened, yet we get two players booked. Crazy.

It does need to be cleared up because we just don't know where we stand, and yet players are picking up suspensions.

I thought McAliskey's booking was ridiculous against Scunthorpe.

He is a young lad, on his debut who has just scored a priceless winning goal.

What is he supposed to do?