WHAT did you think of the tremendous vocal support at Hull and how much do we need the fans behind the team tomorrow? Poggy and Poggy's Lad, Huddersfield

Jacko says: IT was outstanding at Hull and we need more of the same against Mansfield tomorrow.

I remember turning round to speak to Taff during the Hull match and he was only about three yards away, but there was no chance of him hearing me!

Even though we were involved in some big games in the First Division, it was probably the best overall atmosphere I've experienced as a Town manager - and our fans were magnificent.

It was a hostile environment but great to play in.

I said to the lads beforehand that these are the games you want to be involved in. This is why you are a footballer: to experience big crowds and atmosphere's like this.

These are the matches we want to play in week in and week out in the Second Division next season and, with the fans backing us right from the beginning tomorrow, come teatime we could be celebrating going up.

We need our fans to raise the roof tomorrow from the moment the team walk down the tunnel.

It's our last home game and all I would say to everyone who wants to see this club do well is come on down.

Give the lads your full backing and cheer them towards victory.

We are all in this together and, like I've been saying all season, keep the faith!

WHAT will your final words be to the team before they run out against Mansfield? Kacey, e-mail

Jacko says: GET after 'em!

It will be something along those lines because I just want them to go out and win the game.

The most important thing is that they enjoy it, and I'll be stressing that to the lads as well.

Over the last six or seven games, when the pressure has been on, I've just told them to go out and enjoy themselves.

I've already told them that you don't win many promotions in a career - even a long career like I had - so you have to make the most of opportunities like this.

If my lads go out and enjoy the match, the occasion and the atmosphere then I know we will win the game.

That's because you only enjoy yourself by winning tackles, winning headers and by backing up your teammates for the full 90 minutes.

If we do that, we win.

As I've already said to Mel Booth, this is the biggest McAlpine match in years and if we play like we can, with the fans right behind us, we will pick up the result we want.

STEVE YATES has been consistent all season and would be my Player of the Year. Is he in with a chance? Paul Flaherty, Huddersfield

Jacko says: THE voting is obviously going to feature a lot of contenders, but I would think Yatesy will be right up there among them because he has been outstanding for me.

Sodje often gets the headlines but Yatesy has been Mr Consistency with marks of seven and eight out of 10 virtually all the way through.

With Sodje, he is up and down - brilliant when he is on form and rubbish when he isn't - but with Yatesy you know exactly what you are going to get.

Steve may be 34, but he is fit, he wants to do well for me and for this club, he loves his time here and, what has impressed me most, is how he conducts himself with the younger players on a day-to-day basis. He's excellent.

Player of the Year is a tough one, though. Six or seven could be in with a chance.

IS there any chance of bringing Chris Marsden back to the club? Steven, e-mail

Jacko says: I'VE seen that Mazza has been linked with Sheffield Wednesday - he's a Sheffield lad of course - and I have a lot of time for him.

He was a good friend of mine when he was playing here and, since those days, he has carved out a terrific career for himself.

However, I can't see me making a move to bring Chris back.

Financially, I just don't think it would be possible, but he's a smashing player, a great lad and he'll make someone a very good signing.

ARE we going to sign Paul Rachubka permanently? Justin Eaton, e-mail

Jacko says: PAUL has done excellently and his list of clean sheets is a tremendous record.

There are two saves that stick in the memory from Hull and half a dozen down at Northampton, so he has certainly made a big contribution.

A lot depends on how Ian Gray recovers from his hand injury problem. Ian is now working his way back to fitness, but we don't know how things are going to work out.

He still has 12 months on his contract and Phil Senior has signed an extended deal, so I won't be in the market for a keeper unless Trigger's problem continues.

Paul has played with Man Utd and Charlton, but he has come down to the Third Division from the Premiership and he has had a right go.

You can't ask any more of a player than that and he has been inspirational in geeing up the players in the dressing room before matches.

As a 22-year-old who hasn't played many League games, he has given it everything and that's a real compliment to him and his desire to play.

DO you think too much tinkering in summer could ruin what we have in the squad? KK, e-mail

Jacko says: WE have a good squad and injured players to come back into it, but we do have to look to bring in some better players to keep going forward.

If the right player comes up at the right price and in the right position, I will be in the market for him - given that we still have a strict budget and finances to adhere to.

I can't promise six or seven new signings, but I can promise that everyone who comes in will have to buy into our spirit and work ethic. We have a wonderful spirit and no bad apples.

CAN you pick a Div III team without any Town players in it for this season? Chris Booth, e-mail

Jacko says: I've been impressed with Glennon (Carlisle), Dawson (Hull) and Graham (Torquay).

But I'd rather have my lads any day of the week!