ASK James Berrett about Town’s prospects of reaching the play-offs and you’ll get an instant response.

“It’s an easy question and an easy answer,” he beams. “Yes, of course we can do it.”

The versatile 21-year-old is hoping to play a full part for manager Lee Clark, offering plenty of options in the closing stretch of the season.

In addition to starting at Brentford, he’s been an impact man off the bench recently although he watched Tuesday’s dramatic 4-3 victory against Walsall without shedding his tracksuit top.

Berrett said: “However we play, it’s all about points at this stage of the season.

“We all want to play good football and the best that we can, but you’ve got to take three points no matter how you perform.

“With us being sixth in the table, it gives you a big mental boost when you look at the table and see yourselves in a play-off place.

“It gives you confidence, and there’s no doubt in my mind that we can definitely make the play-offs.”