TEAM captain Efe Sodje will play his last match of the season at Hull City on Saturday confident Town are heading for promotion.

Sent-off for the second time this season against Scunthorpe, Sodje and Danny Schofield will each serve two-match bans, taking in the final fixtures against Mansfield at home and Cheltenham on the road.

It's a sickener for Sodje, Schofield, manager Peter Jackson and the fans, but the big Nigerian was just happy to put the red card behind him with a solid display and clean sheet at the Sixfields last night.

"Saturday was just one of those days for me, I got three out of 10 in the Examiner and I knew I owed the lads and the gaffer a performance against Northampton," said Sodje, who was a rock in defence.

"It was a real team performance in which everyone played well, though, and God gave us the chance, because if the first match hadn't been called off for high winds, we wouldn't have had the chance to come back down here and show what a good side we are - hard to beat.

"The spirit in the club is what made us win it and the fans were brilliant."

And what of Rachubka's outstanding saves towards the end?

"We were laughing in the changing rooms about the fact that Paul has had little to do in our matches because the defence have done so well," he smiled.

"As a team, we have 15 clean sheets in the season which is a good record and those saves show why Paul is a Premiership player with Charlton. You can't ask for more than saves like that."

His hopes for Saturday? "We will go to Hull and win, I'm sure of it," he said.