MONDAY saw the Trust's first anniversary party.

We decided to name the event `That Was the Year that Was', in appreciation of the fact that it was a year that very nearly wasn't!

As you know, the Trust was born out of adversity, with the primary aim being the survival of Huddersfield Town Football Club.

Ken Davy's takeover ensured that the name of Huddersfield Town would not disappear from its historic and rightful place in the League.

The targeted use of funds raised by supporters through the Trust ensured that the club was not liquidated before that could take place.

The major announcement of the event was the renaming of the Survival Trust as Huddersfield Town Supporters Trust.

As the initial phase of the Trust's activity is now complete, we look to our new role in the future, hence the reversion to the more usual supporters trust title.

Many of you will be aware that we are - and always have been - a supporters trust under the model set out by Supporters Direct, the Government sponsored body responsible for securing greater representation for supporters at club level.

There are over 100 supporters trusts at football clubs throughout the kingdom. The fans of several Rugby League clubs are increasingly becoming involved, as well.

All trusts have common aims: to ensure greater supporter representation, to foster greater supporter share ownership in their clubs, to encourage wider community involvement for clubs and fans.

It is not just clubs in trouble that have a supporters trust. Interestingly, one of the largest trusts in the country is at Manchester United, where they own a significant shareholding.

Several trusts actually own their club, as is the case at our near neighbours York City. The overwhelming theme is partnership between club, supporter and trust.

There are almost 40 trusts represented at board level and nearly 60 who have a shareholding at their respective clubs.

As for the specific aims of this Supporters Trust, we accept that Mr Davy is unlikely to offer the Trust a seat on the board. Contrary to the perception of some it is not an issue. There are many ways to represent the supporters at club level.

We are, for example, represented on the board of the Development Association, a body independent of the club that oversee the running and funding of the Academy.

The board of the Trust, which includes a member from ALL of Town's main supporter groups, meets at least fortnightly.

This way we are in constant discussion about issues that affect our members. For example, many members have successfully claimed back Bondholder money from credit card issuers using Trust advice.

We are also in constant dialogue with the club on all manner of issues and are building a good relationship, particularly with chief executive Andrew Watson.

We continue to raise funds for the Develpment Association, this season we will have contributed £15,000 towards the massive running costs of the Academy. The fruits of this asset are plain for all to see. And this is where we need your help, even though the club is out of imminent danger, there is still a job to do.

The Academy is the lifeblood of this club and we still need to raise the funds to ensure its survival. Renewing your membership, or persuading a new member to join, will help us to support the wonderful work of Gerry Murphy and his dedicated team. It will also allow us to continue to look at ways of using our reserve to attract matched funding for a capital project that could potentially save the club half a million pounds.

We would also ask that you look at our new range of Trust merchandise and continue to support our fund raising activities, the latest of which are previewed at our new web address of

Our anniversary event was a celebration of the startling strides forward the club have made this year and thanks was given to all the people that have made it possible; Ken Davy, Jacko and Taff, the players, the Academy, staff and fans.