HUDDERSFIELD Irish Centre have transferred to the Kirklees Sunday League after the demise of the competition they dominated in recent seasons.

The Huddersfield Sunday League last month folded after 43 years, with the resignation of two clubs leaving just five members.

Now Irish Centre, Sunday League champions for the last four seasons in succession, have been successful in their application to join the KSL.

So too have their former Sunday League rivals Marsh, Club Kirkheaton, Escorpions and Rose and Crown.

In addition, the KSL will welcome a new club Barking Spider, a spin-off from Inter Athletic, but with existing members Waterloo and Woodfield Park pulling out, will now have 18 clubs.

The likely split is eight sides in Division I and 10 in Division II, with inter-divisional matches being scrapped to ease the fixture congestion which has been a feature of recent seasons.

KSL secretary and treasurer Geoff Hyde reported a profit of £353.90 to the annual meeting.