Villa Park here we come!

Results on Tuesday ensured Championship football next season – Aston Villa are already relegated from the Premier League – so now Town fans can watch the other relegation and promotion battles with a disinterested air as we await the final make-up.

Speaking of Championship football, but with a distinct shift off-field, Robert Pepper chaired last week’s meeting of Championship Trusts at Supporters Direct, attended by representatives from Birmingham, Brentford, Cardiff, Fulham, Hull, Leeds, QPR and Reading.

It included an update on the recommendations of the Expert Working Group, initially set up by the Parliamentary Select Committee, looking into football governance.

A key part of these for Supporters Trusts is that it should be mandatory for football clubs to hold regular meetings with supporters’ representatives.

Town are ahead of the game here, with the Voices Panel, but at some clubs there is no contact whatsoever.

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Supporters Direct have been working initially with the Premier League, having perceived a greater reluctance on the part of the Football League, and the next step is to invite a number of FL Trusts to a progress review prior to approaching the FL to discuss the best way forward.

As a separate consequence to the Select Committee’s review, the FA announced recently that it is reviewing its own governance and it will be very interesting to see how near they get to a genuine 21st-century model, which should surely include more supporter representation than the solitary figure at present.

The meeting also heard an update on progress in this field, including a joint paper submitted to the FA by Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation, duly acknowledged by the FA Chairman, Greg Dyke.

The SD meeting also heard that this year’s Supporters Summit will again be held at Wembley over the weekend of July 16-17 so look out for further details on this.

We finish with the latest details on the HTSA free draws, both currently worth £250.

The Travel Draw (non-)winners on the coach to Blackburn Rovers were M Bray (£250), T Cartwright (£125) and L Williams (£62.50).

Likewise on the coach to Rotherham United: K Newsam (£250), J Keefe (£125) and S Buckle (£62.50).

A further £250 also awaits the HTSA member whose membership card shows the following numbers, (5)5161. If your HTSA membership card is up to date and shows this, or (135)5161, £250 is yours.

Send details of your full name and postal address by text to 07725 036109 or by email to before 19.08 on Friday, April 22.

You will receive your cheque by return of post. Last week’s winning number was (1)2266, or (135)2266: the winner could have been C Bennett.