THE Town Supporters Association have flagged up the dates for this year’s annual conferences for the two national supporters’ organisations, to which the Town Association is affiliated.

Last Saturday the Football Supporters’ Federation held its Fans’ Parliament at Imperial College, London.

This kicked off with two excellent keynote speakers, Panorama’s investigative journalist Andrew Jennings and then Mark Bradley of the Fan Experience company, which has done much work in partnership with the Football League to increase local support at matches.

One of the possible next steps is a local Roadshow.

Parliament also debated the venue for next year’s event and this could well be in Yorkshire.

That eventuality can only be helped by the election of three more Yorkshire area representatives to the FSF’s National Council.

This coming weekend sees the Supporters Direct Fans’ event in Chester tomorrow and Saturday. Keynote speakers include UEFA’s William Gaillard, David Conn of The Guardian and Mark Bradley – again! – who seems to be having a busy week.